The Service

The Consulting service offers comprehensive and practical advice on performance improvement, to assist you in achieving world class standards. Our team also provides a parallel service to governmental organisations aiming at improving their country’s higher education standards.

What our Clients Say

“QS Consulting offered us a deep insight into research strategy and the recommendations have been very useful in our improvement process.  We strongly recommend QS Consulting to universities that, like us, constantly seek to provide better services to students and to society as a whole.”

Prof. Carlos Cruz LimonVice President External Relations and InternationalizationTecnológico de Monterrey

“Great work and really helpful for us! We do appreciate your hard work and I’ll make all efforts to persuade people to implement all your recommendations!  Work delivered did exceed what we expected.”

Prof. Maxim KhomyakovVice President for InternationalisationUral Federal University, Russia

“QS Consulting has provided a thorough, professional, and analytical consulting service to our university and we are highly satisfied with the progress it has enabled us to make. They have provided access to a range of internationally renowned senior administrative and academic experts who have worked closely with university management to bring about real and positive changes to our professional practice.”

Dr. Nabeel A. KoshakVice President for Business & InnovationUmm Al-Qura University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Find out More

To find out how the Consulting service can help your institution implement a working strategy, get in touch with our Commercial Director, Jason Newman.

Consulting Areas

Academic Impact

  • Research strategy and management, based on bibliometric data from Scopus
  • Faculty recruitment, retention and development
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge transfer

Institutional Direction

  • Strategic Review and Audit
  • Implementation and Change Management
  • Governance and Structure
  • Facilities and Infrastructure Improvement
  • Internal Communications
  • Financial Planning

Student Value

  • Learning and teaching development
  • Graduate employability
  • Student recruitment and experience

External Strategy

  • Market positioning and branding
  • Internationalisation
  • Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Audit Support
  • External Communications
  • Online marketing and presence

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