The QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report is one of QS’ longest running publications, having been published annually since 1990. This research is based on an annual, in-depth survey of MBA employers across the globe – the QS Global Employer Survey – and consistently produces market-leading insight into MBA recruitment trends, particularly in the sectors and regions which are seeing changes in demand for MBA hires.

QS Global Employer Survey

The survey is targeted at those with responsibility for MBA recruiting in their firms, and covers a wide variety of topics, including recruitment for this year and plans for future hires, as well as remuneration (both salaries and bonuses), the traits most sought-after among MBA hires, and the relevance of MBA specialisms to the firm’s operations.

Jobs & Salary Trends Report

The Jobs & Salary Trends Report is based on the previous three years of results from the QS Global Employer Survey, ensuring that new, relevant insights can be drawn, while insulating the results from anomalies. This means that figures such as average MBA salaries across countries, regions, and sectors are drawn exclusively from recent, up-to-date data.

One exception to this rule is QS’ Long-Term Recruitment Trends Index, an index of MBA recruitment trends in four key sectors (Technology, Finance, Consulting, and Industry) measuring back to 1990.

Alongside insights drawn from the analysis of quantitative data, qualitative insights are also incorporated into the Jobs & Salary Trends Report through both in-depth feedback provided by MBA recruiters, to the incorporation of key quotes from employers on other content produced by