When can rankings be useful as a factor in decisions relating to universities?

by Abby Chau

We’ve had our poll, which asks, “When can rankings be useful as a factor in decisions relating to universities?” on the blog for quite some time now. It’s generated 169 responses and we invite you to comment on the results. Is the poll reflective of opinions in the higher ed community? Or does it merely tell you more about the profile of  readers who frequent this blog? Have your say.

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  1. Ben Sowter
    Ben Sowter says:

    So it looks like over 50% of respondents agree that a pertinent use for rankings is for reference when applying to universities as a prospective student, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

    This reflects our understanding and is at the heart of some of the choices we have made in selecting indicators for our rankings. Whilst we would never endorse people using our rankings, or any other, in isolation we feel they can be an effective shortlisting tool for breaking down the almost endless list of possibilities for prospective students. For this reason we have included employability and internationalisation metrics specifically designed to add value to the decisions prosepective international students need to make.


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