HE News Brief 12.10.10

by Abby Chau

  • Former BP Chief Lord Browne today released his long-awaited report on higher education. It comes as no surprise that he is advising that the tuition fee cap be lifted. If the Coalition government takes on his recommendations, students may pay up to £12,000 a year for their degrees. This is a contentious issue as the Lib Dems are solidly against hiking tuition. In addition Lord Browne is recommending a 10% increase in student intake as well as advising that universities focus more on career advice, supporting part-time students, and empowering students to dictate which university should flourish.
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  • As university league tables grow in influence and prominence, the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, which first met in Washington in 2004, is serving as a watchdog of university rankings. At a conference last week in Berlin, they announced that an executive team will be conducting audits of producers of league tables to make sure they comply with certain principles such as transparency and accessibility of methodology.
    Full Story: Chronicle of Higher Education

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