Record survey responses fuel QS World University Rankings 2011/2012

Tomorrow sees our latest results emerge on This year we have had the good fortune to attract record survey responses both of Academics and Employers. Over the 33,000 academics and over 16,000 employers have contributed their views to form this year’s response base. More detail on the survey responses is available here:

Academic Survey Response

Employer Survey Response

Fact files have been delivered this year with more detail than ever and international media are poised to publish and reflect on the results in the morning. You will notice something different about the presentation of our tables this year – and that is the emphasis on fees. Wherever we have been able to track down data we are publishing average undergraduate and postgraduate, domestic and international fees this year – giving prospective international students – particulalry those in countries where domestic fees are escalating – an invaluable resource to help make the best decisions.

More analysis here over the next few days.

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