HE News Brief 6.4.10

by Abby Chau


A few higher educational news articles of interest this week include:

  • Two Cuban medical students spoke at U.S universities recently, marking the first time in years such an exchange took place. They will discuss Cuba’s initiative to bring medical care to places around the world who need it most. Cuba sent 300 medical professionals to Haiti recently.
    Full Story: Washington Post
  • Israel is set for new educational reforms that will hopefully augment the availability and quality of higher education. Students will play a pivotal role in the proposed reforms.
    Full Story: Lariat Online
  • How do students decide where to go to university? The Chronicle of Higher Education debunks a few myths and reinforces a few known truths.
    Full Story: Chronicle of Higher Education
  • The women lib movement will be proud to read that a record number of women are attending university. A report says this will lead to fundamental changes between the genders, shifting to men relying on women for financial stability.
    Full Story: Daily Mail
  • South African Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande admits that changes must be made in order to curtail the failings of their country’s higher education system. An elite council which includes academics, organised labour, and government departments among others will join together to try to remedy the problem.
    Full Story: Cape Times
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