HE News Brief 26.4.10

by Abby Chau


A few Higher Education news articles to ponder before the long Bank holiday weekend:

  • Measuring the quality of universities in Africa, particular East Africa, is a new measure established by the African Union in order to ensure the caliber of graduates. Universities are asked to respond to the African Universities Quality Rating Mechanism, a questionnaire that seeks to assess the quality and development of education and research at institutions.
    Full Story: The East African
  • Wales is outpacing England in recruiting under privileged and diverse students? According to a report from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, Welsh universities in some cases are recruiting more disadvantaged students than English institutions.
    Full Story: 
    Wales Online
  • More strikes are planned in the UK to protest the proposed budget cuts in Higher Education. Students and academics from King’s College and UCL plan industrial strikes on the eve of the General Election if negotiations fall through. An estimated 1 billion in educational funds is due to be cut from the already stretched budget.
    Full Story: The Grapevine
    More: BBC News
  • Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak says there is a paradigm shift and that they are turning away from Britain and looking across the pond in order to form higher educational cooperation. While Britain and Australia have opened branch universities in Malaysia, the United States has yet to do the same. That will dramatically change as the Malaysian PM indicated during a forum discussion on Malaysia-United States educational relations.
    Full Story: The Star
  • Yet another measure from a government member calling for full disclosure of university information and practices in order to assess the quality and development of education. Indian Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal says he is introducing an “education malpractice bill” that will allow for the assessment of universities in order to get rid of badly performing institutions.
    Full Story: Sify News
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