HE News Brief 23.03.10

by Abby Chau


Here is another set of higher education-related news that not only dominated media headlines this past week, but also fueled debate at our staff meeting today:

  • The proposed university budget cuts dominate the higher educational headlines. This one in particular is an insightful, albeit gloomy, read of the future diagnosis of universities.
    Full Story: BBC News
  • More: A related article on whether UK educational rankings are going to falter. The Independent.
  • Global universities are poised to attract UK students with their promise of more affordable education and a rising reputation for academic excellence.
    Full Story: The Independent
  • Following the furore over higher education budget cuts, students are staging sit-ins in order to voice their discontent.
    Full Story: BBC News
  • Liquor baron and chairman of Kingfisher Airlines Vijay Mallya considering a venture into the higher education sector with his eye on Hyderabad.
    Full Story: Business Standard
    More: Vijay Mallya’s motivational speech to the graduating class of the Institute of Management and Technology. (MBA Universe)
  • An interesting article on the growing of UK and Saudi educational ties, with potential for not only the educational sector but for future investments.
    Full Story: Arab News
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