HE News Brief 16.03.10

by Abby Chau


We thought we would start sharing a summary of what we have been reading and discussing each week. Here are a few items that generated a bit of buzz this week:

  • The parting of ways between Times Higher Education and QS is generating a substantial amount of traffic in the blogosphere.
    Full Story: University World News
    More: Inside Higher Education
  • An educational reform proposal in India that would allow foreign universities to set up shop in India. Some say this will help Indian students who want an education, others decry the proposal as only benefiting wealthy families who can afford it.
    Full Story: BBC News
    More: Telegraph UK
  • Dramatic rise of university management pay causing a stir as it was revealed that the highest-paid Vice Chancellor received an annual salary of £474,000.
    Full Story: Guardian News
    More: Universities are hiring managers at three times the rate of academics (Telegraph UK)
  • Student protests across Europe to oppose the Bologna Process and the so-called market approach to education.
    Full Story: Prague Daily Monitor
    More: An overview of the Bologna Process and it’s supposed failings. (E-Flux)
  • University of the People, a tuition fee-free online non-profit university backed by the United Nations’ Global Alliance for ICT to help students who lack alternatives.
    Full Story: FT
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