HE News Brief 1.6.10

by Abby Chau


From the Iraq higher education system to a boost in the kiwi economy, here are this week’s news stories:

  • During the India-UAE: Leveraging the Knowledge Economy Paradigm forum in Abu Dhabi, both countries pledged more robust cooperation in education. Citing the economic climate and the possibility of a human resource crisis, both India and the UAE said distance learning programmes may be a good way forward.
    Full Story: Gulf News   
  • One of the many legacies the U.S will leave behind in Iraq appears to take the form of an uber expensive liberal arts university. The American University of Iraq, according to this article, has only attracted 375 students as high tuition costs and the impracticality of a liberal arts education are cited as barriers to attract enrolment.(See our 16.3.2010 post for more information regarding the Iraq Higher Education System)
    Full Story: Guardian
    More: Asharq Alawsat
  • New Zealand  and Saudi Arabia have announced stronger collaboration in the higher education sector which will involve improved mobility, joint programmes and research projects. New Zealand Education Minister Anne Tolley says that international students hailing from Saudi generate 250 million dollars of revenue a year.
    Full Story: Voxy
  • During the 2nd International Meeting of UNIVERSIA Deans, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said that higher education must play a significant role in Latin America, especially in Mexico. The goal, he said, is for a 30% growth in higher education, with an eye on opening 20 institutions this year.
    Full Story: Isria
  • Australia’s top two export education markets, India and China, have renewed agreements to establish partnerships. Announced during the Shanghai Expo, this collaboration is viewed as a  boost for what this article calls the “embattled 17 billion dollar market” in Australia.
    Full Story: The Australian
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