QSIU HE Digest – Obama’s College Ratings Plan

  • US: New College Ratings Plan by Obama
  • Social Media: LinkedIn’s Top 10 US university pages
  • India: 40% Faculty Jobs Vacant in Reputed Universities
  • UK: 40% Language Departments Face Closure

President Barack Obama on Thursday will unveil a broad plan to lower the cost of college, the highlight of which involves a new ratings system that ties the federal government’s allocation of financial aid to the ratings system.Obama’s plan would instruct the Department of Education to rank colleges with their peers, according to new measures that evaluates their success and affordability.Some of these measures, according to the White House, include the following:

  • Access, such as percentage of students receiving Pell grants
  • Affordability, such as average tuition, scholarships, and loan debt
  • Outcomes, such as graduation and transfer rates, graduate earnings, and advanced degrees of college graduates
Full Story: Business Insider

Following the news that it was dropping its minimum age to 14, LinkedIn announced the launch of University Pages this week. The pages give prospective students a way to connect with current students and alumni, as well as a look at where most of a school’s graduates work and what fields they work in. It isn’t hard to imagine the professional network’s latest rollout growing to play a larger role in university admissions.So how are schools measuring up so far? We took a look at the 10 U.S. institutions with the largest student and alumni networks, compiling the following list of the top employers and fields for each. The number of alumni employed at each company or in each field is noted in parentheses.

Out of a total of 16,542 faculty positions in India’s central universities, 6152 were lying vacant as of March end, according to a reply furnished by the ministry in response to a question by Rajya Sabha MP Shyamal Chakraborty. Teaching has gone down in the list of glamorous professions in India, largely due to the lower pay that a teacher can attract when compared to professions in the private sector. HRD ministry said it is taking measures to attract “talent” to teaching profession.

Full Story: RTN

As many as 40% of university language departments are likely to close within a decade, the former government adviser charged with bolstering foreign language uptake in higher education has warned, delivering a huge blow to the UK’s diplomatic and economic hopes.Amid a deepening crisis in language learning – which is causing alarm at the highest levels of government – the number of universities offering degrees in modern languages has already plunged from 105 in 2000 to 62 at the start of this academic year.

Full Story: The Guardian


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