QSIU HE Digest – International Students Shun UK B-Schools

  • UK: International Students Shun B-Schools
  • China: State Backed Branch Campus
  • US:Regulatory Compliance of Online Ed
  • China: 8,000,000 College Grads a Year

The number of students enrolling on the UK’s prestigious MBA programmes has fallen dramatically in the past year as changes in work visa regulations, a lack of student funding and the failing economy continue to bite.Business schools have traditionally been a strong earner for the UK economy, but even the leading full-time MBA programmes have been unable to attract overseas students in the latest enrolment cycle.

Full Story: Financial Times

The first ever university branch campus backed by the Chinese State is to be established in Malaysia, one of Asia’s fastest growing education hubs. Xiamen University, a top twenty higher education institution in China, plans to open a five-faculty campus in September 2015, joining well known campuses of foreign institutions such as the University of Nottingham, UK, and Monash University, Australia. Xiamen, which is directly administered by the Chinese Ministry of Education, is ranked in the top 600 universities worldwide by QS, and China. The new venture will offer all teaching in English across courses in engineering, medicine, information and communications technology, business and economics, and Chinese language and literature.

Full Story: Pie News

With higher education institutions having their online programs subject to an array of individual state requirements, ensuring regulatory compliance has proven challenging for those schools operating in multiple states. In recent years, however, state government officials, higher education administrators and online education advocates have grown increasingly cognizant of the impact state policies are having on the growth of online education.In a just-released policy brief that outlines some of the challenges states confront in regulating online education, a national association representing U.S. governors has advised that state chief executives “consider calling for a review of current state laws and regulations surrounding authorization of online programs” of their respective state.

Full Story: Diverse Education

By quadrupling its output of college graduates in the past decade, China now produces eight million graduates a year from universities and community colleges. That is already far ahead of the United States in number — but not as a percentage. With only about one-fourth the number of China’s citizens, the United States each year produces three million college and junior college graduates.China’s current five-year plan, through 2015, focuses on seven national development priorities, many of them new industries that are in fashion among young college graduates in the West. They are alternative energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection, biotechnology, advanced information technologies, high-end equipment manufacturing and so-called new energy vehicles, like hybrid and all-electric cars.


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