HE News Brief 6.7.10

by Anisa Siddikah


From Students studying a Masters degree to new graduates working in low-paid jobs, here are this weeks news:

  • In Dubai more and more students are returning back to higher education, in particular studying for a Masters or a Postgraduate Diploma due to the downturn in the job market. Students are incurring a huge financial burden but are anticipating securing a job in this tough climate.
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    The National
  • Universities in Pakistan are going to have a tough job of verifying degrees of  high ranking officials, such as law makers and members of parliament. The Higher Education Commission has barred the Al-Kahir University from admitting any new students from last year as the university failed to meet government approved criteria for what is classified as a ‘degree’. Universities, including University of Punjab, Peshawar University, University of Karachi and The Pakistan Military amongst others have until the 13th July to verify these degrees:
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  • The Times Higher Education announced the plan to fund 10,000 extra places by the government is to be scrapped due to the general election and problems experienced by the Students Loan Company. Under the Tories manifesto, they suggested, early student repayment loan would be encouraged to create and fund the 10,000 extra places. Mr. Willets, the Education minister said there simply wasn’t time to propose a new process to replace the ‘University Modernisation Funding’ implemented under the Labour government. The Coalition government however did say it would look at options for the early repayment of student but when that will be, is still unclear.
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    Times Higher Education
  • According to The Evening standard, 70,000 new graduates are on state benefit or working in low income jobs, such as factories, bars or shops due to the recession. However some graduates have opted to study for a Masters degree in hope to improve their chances to secure employment. Charlie Ball, from the Higher Education Careers Services Unit said that the public cuts will have a huge effect on new graduates seeking employment in the labour market.
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    Evening Standard


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