EAIE 2013

Magic triangle: partnerships between universities, employers and alumni

I attended this session at the EAIE Conference in Istanbul in September 2013 and would like to share the highlights of this session.

Edyta Lachowicz Santos from University of Economics in Katowice in Poland chaired the session and brought her expertise on what makes a student employable. Education, soft skills, ability to navigate through recruitment process, international experience, practical skills gained through internships for example and lifelong learning for professional and personal development.

Edyta mentioned a survey conducted in 2012 in the United Kingdom (International Student Barometer) revealing student top priority is the quality and focus of the course (71%) and employability prospects comes up as the third priority at 59%.

Case study: University of Economics in Katowice. In order to have this magic triangle successful, internships are obligatory for all students, job fairs and open days are organized, the university has also introduced cooperation with Katowice’s authorities as well as a master of internship award for companies welcoming interns.

The award-winning British institution, University of Exeter, has been cited as an excellent example when talking about graduate employability. Careers zones have been introduced in all campuses with the ‘3-2-1’ career planning workshops and the eXfactor programme for all first-year students.

Ignacio Sanchez Garcia-Abril from Fundación General de la Universidad de Valladolid in Spain, focused on the alumni relations. Alumni presentation depends on the university reputation and the university alumni strategy. Quality, leadership and prestige form a better reputation.

The speaker has shared how to participate in alumni relations such as career mentoring, alumni helping to deliver business games and skills sessions, networking, employment activities, donations…

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