HE News Briefs 26.7.11

by Abby Chau

  • CHINA: Foreign branches have increased whilst the government are trying to crack down on low quality dual degree programs
  • PERU: Student protests turn violent as the government tries to negotiate with the malcontent
  • UK: New league table measures the best gay-friendly institutions
  • UK: The UCU releases a report on educational attainment by constituencies

    • The University of Nottingham plans to open another branch in China. Following the government’s 10-year plan for education development, provincial governments in China have stepped up their plans to introduce so-called Western influenced teaching and critical thinking as well as collaborations with top universities. In the last ten years, the number of dual degree programs have gone from 71 to 579. Simultaneously trying to expand their higher education development whilst tackling accusations of low quality dual programs, the Chinese government has a tall order in its pursuit of a flourishing knowledge-based economy. The Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center has audited four provinces and their relationship with foreign branches with results due to emerge soon.
      Full Story:  The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • Student protests in Peru from the Huancavelica National University have left three dead and countless others injured. Students are angered by the creation of a new National Autonomous University of Tayacaja which some are saying is poorly managed and does not deserve governmental funds. In addition, students are angered by HNU’s performance in a league table which measures institutional transparency. Despite governmental concessions, there still appears to be a stalemate and with 13 new public institutions created in the last five years, it looks like the turmoil may continue.
      Full Story:  University World News
    • Stonewall  has just released its yearly Gay by Degrees league tables which lists the best gay-friendly institutions in the UK. For the first time, four institutions met every single one of the ten criterion to make them the highest scoring universities. Imperial, UCL, Wolverhampton, and Portsmouth led the pack. The table looks at, among other indicators, whether there are policies in place to fight bullying, whether staff has been trained on LGBT issues and if career services are available for LGBT students. Stonewall believes it is making a difference because institutions had a year’s notice that they would be assessed and many universities seem to have put in place LGBT friendly policies.
      Full Story:  The Guardian
    • A new report published in the UK by the Universities and College Union has painted a picture of an unequal nation in terms of education achievement. The UCU measured constituencies in terms of number of qualifications achieved. The top five constituencies are Brent North, Romsey and Southampton North, Wimbledon, Winchester, and Leeds North West. Among the bottom five are Glasgow North East, Bradford West, and Derby South.
      Full Story:  The Huffington Post