HE News Brief 23.4.12

  • UK: Employability at centre stage as tuition fees are set to increase
  • EU: U-Multirank moving forward despite some criticism
  • Canada: Delegation heading to Brazil to form colloborations
  • Iberoamerica: Scimago releases its 2012 results

Recent statistics released by the Office for National Statistics in the UK reveals that the graduate unemployability rate stood at 18.9% for the last quarter of 2011. With tuition fees rising this year, many are saying that students will be more of a conscientious consumer and will be looking toward institutions to provide them with money for value. Institutions, as set out by the White Paper produced last year,  must publish figures on employability. Although some universities have expanded their career services, some students are saying this is not enough and that they need a more personalised service. However some institutions say that a mix of services including industrial placements, curriculum tailored for job preparedness, and performance measures for career counsellors is the way forward.

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Despite some criticism, the authors behind  U-Multirank, which allows people and institutions to tailor their own ranking by selecting indicators, are going ahead with the ranking which will cost an estimated $5.2 million dollars. Jordi Currell says that the ranking is evidence–based and that its publication will allow universities to improve their performance. The pilot is due to be released at the tail end of 2013. They are aiming to expand their ranking, which was originally based on EU countries, to the global community. However some, including IREG vice-president Waldemar Siwinksi has urged the authors to include more data from national systems.

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Canadian university officials are sending a delegation to Brazil in order to establish collaborations and research agreements. This is the biggest delegation, which represents 95 universities, which Canada has organised in order to tap into fruitful networking opportunities to further international exchanges. Brazil is forecasted to become the world’s fifth biggest economy in five years’ time.

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Scimago, which publishes the Iberoamerican Ranking has just released their 2012 results. Universidade de São Paulo, UNAM, and Universidade Estadual de Campinas top the list. The top six, with exception to UNAM and Universitat de Barcelona, all hail from Brazil. The team behind the rankings use a mix of bibliometrics, international collaborations, and calculation of normalised impact which measures institutions’ scientific impact against global averages.

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