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HE News Brief 14.5.12

  • UK: A case for international students
  • GLOBAL: A new Rankings system measures national strength
  • GLOBAL: Yale and NUS partnership raises concerns

The Director of the Institute of Public  Policy Research and the MP for Orpington has made a case for the importance of foreign students at UK universities, which fell by 1 percent in terms of market share between 2000 and 2009. The argument for international students is based on the notion that 15 percent of students end of staying in the country and contribute to the economy as well as contribute to innovation. The doing away with dodgy colleges has paved a way for government policies to welcome foreign students who may become the next leaders of industry.

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A new Rankings were produced by a the group of research intensive institutions Universitas 21 last week. The researchers analysed 48 countries using 20 indicators under the umbrella of four major issues: resources, output, connectivity, and environment. The top countries are the US, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Denmark, and Switzerland. The researchers say that although international ranking systems are plentiful, there is no quantitative rankings which takes account of  how a nation educates their students, and how varying countries with complicated systems support and develop academic excellence.

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The partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore to create a liberal arts college in the Asian country hit headlines when it was first announced. Now that plans are underway, opposition to the scheme is being raised with Yale’s arts and science faculty asking questions regarding concerns over Singapore’s civil liberties record. In addition fresh discussion surrounding who has the rights to use Yale’s brand is causing a stir particularly as the joint venture will not yield a degree from the prestigious American university. Nevertheless plans for the partnership appears to be moving forward with applicants already applying for the 2017 semester and a new president being announced this summer.

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