HE News Brief 12.04.10

by Abby Chau


Several  higher education news stories sparked our interest this week.

  • The Economist gives a succinct overview of university rankings and their supposed value to higher education. An interesting fact from the article: The Netherlands offer a special visa programme for those who have a masters degree from a university that comes up top on two international league tables.
    Full Story: The Economist
  • The AP explains the possible reasons for the steep increase of research papers coming out of China recently. Citing rampant forgery and plagiarism in Chinese research papers and journals, the AP investigates this developing issue.
    Full Story: Associated Press
  • An interesting article on the dramatic decrease of Japanese international students in U.S higher education institutions. South Korea, China, and India are now sending students in record numbers as Japanese ‘grasshoppers’ are increasingly preferring to stay at home.
    Full Story: Washington Post
    More: Chosun llbo
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HE News Brief 6.4.10

by Abby Chau


A few higher educational news articles of interest this week include:

  • Two Cuban medical students spoke at U.S universities recently, marking the first time in years such an exchange took place. They will discuss Cuba’s initiative to bring medical care to places around the world who need it most. Cuba sent 300 medical professionals to Haiti recently.
    Full Story: Washington Post
  • Israel is set for new educational reforms that will hopefully augment the availability and quality of higher education. Students will play a pivotal role in the proposed reforms.
    Full Story: Lariat Online
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