HE News Brief 1.9.10

by Abby Chau

Here are this week’s news stories:

  • University rankings hits its zenith in autumn, with different league tables pronouncing their take on a world-class university. The Chronicle of Higher Education has devised a nifty chart to compare Rankings and sheds a bit of light on which indicators are predominantly used, and which ones are ignored.
    Full Story: Chronicle of Higher Education

  • In a shocking directive, the Ethiopian Ministry of Education decreed that there is to be a ban on distance learning programmes across the country.  Stating that distance learning is unnecessary at this point in the country’s higher educational development, the Ministry also said that quality assurance is a major priority. This will have a drastic effect on the estimated 64 private institutions in the country, as well as vocational education. Critics argue that this directive goes too far and does not offer solutions to the current problems facing higher education.  Others are worried about the impact on current students – St Mary’s University College for example currently enrolls 75% of its students in distance learning courses.
    Full Story: Addis Fortune Read more