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Reimagining Education: Wharton and QS join forces to identify innovation in higher education teaching

By Martin Ince What does the world’s most innovative higher education teaching look like in 2013? And how can it be brought to a wider student audience? QS is aiming to answer this question, in collaboration with the Wharton School of Pennsylvania University, one of the world’s best-reputed business schools. The two organisations are launching […]

To MOOC or not to MOOC?

By Martin Ince, convenor of the QS Global Academic Advisory Board Apart from some diehard cynics, everyone seems to agree that MOOCs are going to shake old-school higher education to its foundations. Or failing that, they are going to be a great marketing tool for prominent universities found near the top of the QS Rankings. […]

Surviving The MOOC Frenzy

Don’t panic just yet. Despite everything you have heard about Massive Open Online Courses, your university will probably survive the current MOOC frenzy. A meeting earlier this month at the University of London drew a lively audience of about 150 people to debate the MOOC phenomenon. Run by the University itself, which has been delivering […]