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UK: Watches banned from university exams

Remember when the Google Glass was developed? This was in 2011 and the main idea was to enable users to be connected to the Internet and use a camera with their glasses (although it is currently not developed enough to be available on the market). Last year you probably heard from another IT giant the […]

QS Star rated institutions in 2014

2014 has been an exciting year for QSIU and particularly for QS Stars. There are now 230 universities located in 45 countries who participated in QS Stars. More than 60 full audits have been completed in 2014, including two Business School audits. A dozen universities have been through a re-audit process as their previous QS […]

Japan funds 37 top universities to improve at global university rankings

The Japanese government has announced additional funding for a selection of 37 public, private and national universities in order to strengthen their international competitiveness. According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Japan, the country has almost 800 universities (77% of them being private, 12% public and 11% national) and 104 applied to […]

UK: student failing degree trying to blame university

A story published a few days ago on the Times Higher Education caught my attention. This was explaining how a international student at the University of Warwick who failed her Master’s degree is claiming she should not have been accepted in the first place because the result of her English language test taken in Pakistan […]

Students Online: Global trends 2014

How do prospective students use digital resources to research higher education? QS has just published the results of a survey conducted amongst 2,215 students from 49 cities in 35 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa. The majority of these students were interested in pursuing further study at postgraduate level. 3% were 17 […]

Netherlands: student grants to be replaced by loans

Dutch students are about to face a major change in the funding of their higher education. Netherlands’ Minister for Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker, has agreed to a bill that would start officially from 1st January 2015 that is aiming at converting student grants into student loans, which means students will need to repay […]

$100 worth of bitcoin for MIT students

Quite an unusual gift will be given to all the undergraduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (about 4,500 of them) at autumn 2014: USD 100…worth of bitcoins. Bitcoin is a virtual currency using a peer-to-peer network to make payments. Currently* one bitcoin can be bought for USD 653 according to Coinbase.