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An Erasmus Experience…

The Erasmus programme, in my opinion, is one of the great success stories of the European Union for the undisputed benefits it provides to the society investing in Europe’s youth, investing in the future.

Personally if I hadn’t received an Erasmus Placement grant, now I couldn’t be in London working as an intern for one of the most important enterprise in the educational field like QS, which shares with the Erasmus programme the same mission of helping individuals fulfill their potential through fostering international mobility, educational achievement and career development. I am really grateful for this awesome opportunity that gives me the chance to live in London, a melting pot of different cultures and traditions, and also work in a multicultural environment with colleagues from all over the world.

In the middle of my adventure, I can say that this experience totally lived up to my expectations or even exceeded them, so I would highly recommend all university students to take an Erasmus, it’s really worth it!  Being an Erasmus student gives you the opportunity to overcome your national borders and experience what it means being a European citizen, giving concreteness to the idea of European identity, that sometimes it could seem just something abstract. Indeed the Erasmus represents an invaluable chance to widen your social network through the meeting people of different nationalities, which make you feel part of a big community. Furthermore international experiences are really fundamental for future job prospects, and also for personal growth.

An internship abroad is a way to check if the knowledge you’ve acquired during your studies, experiences, is adequate to the demand of EU’s labour market, and if it’s useful for improving your language learning and acquiring some soft skills like self-confidence, flexibility, independence, intercultural skills, problem-solving skills. Living abroad lets you open your horizons and enrich you personally and professionally and it is a good springboard for your career, for improving your employability or just for bringing home news ideas.

At this point it is really sad to say that although Erasmus programme has been showing its usefulness since more than 25 years, its future seems to be uncertain because of lack of funding. I strongly hope that the European Union will find some ways to support the Erasmus programme for the upcoming years, so that it could keep on having its positive effects on society.

I wish long life to the Erasmus programme!

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