All is not quiet…

by Ben Sowter


Dear readers,

I must apologize for the silence for the last few months.

Most frequent readers of this blog will know that, the publishing arrangements for our rankings will be changing. In October, THE notified us and, on the same day, the world that they were no longer going to publish our rankings and would be doing something different.

We felt it best to let the initial news sink in before putting forward our position.

QS owns the intellectual property to the previous methodology and all previous data relating to the rankings that have been published in THE for the past six years. The QS World University Rankings will continue to be published in 2010, albeit through a number of new channels which we are working on. At present, there are no plans to alter the methodology, in fact it seems important to maintain some comparability in a time when a number of new and different interpretations are going to emerge. So in 2010, we are focused on improving our engagement with institutions, redesigning some of our data collection systems to be more user-friendly and intuitive, and our work in specific regional and discipline oriented contexts.

It has been extremely busy of late, and keeping the blog as up to date has been a clear challenge. I would welcome any contributions but we will try to keep things going a little more consistently in 2010.