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Open Doors event at the University Alliance

Last week, I attended the ‘Open doors’ event organised by University Alliance. The focus of the event was to discuss the Wilson Review. The discussion surrounded the idea of a ‘business and university’ collaboration.  The age-old saying can’t be any more true,  ‘marriage is a union of two’.

The speakers included Professor Sir Tim Wilson,  Trudy Norris-Grey, Professor Beer, Libby Hackett, Matt Smith and Andrew Battarbee. Some of the key areas covered by Professor Sir Wilson included the following:

–          Student placements

–          A year abroad for student experience

–          Business referral within universities (universities recommending a peer university that offer placement in areas which they themselves don’t)

–          Universities effectively responding to business

–          Start-up fairs at universities

If you feel like these are areas of interest at your university, or that you might improve from such partnerships, you can find more details on the University Alliance home page.